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Road Safety at Camden PS

Road Safety at Camden P.S.

Camden Public School welcomes careful and safety conscious road users.

The roadways near our school can become very busy just before and just after school hours. With such an abundance of pedestrian and motor traffic at these times, we ask our parents and local citizens to be especially careful to safeguard the well being of our children.

At all times, it is imperative that road rules and road signs be followed. Remember, the 40 kph School Zone is operational from 8.00am to 9.30am and from 2.30pm to 4.00pm.

Dropping off and picking up students at the beginning and close of school

The John Street frontage has a lengthy strip of 60 degree parking.  Parents may park in the allocated places. It is important not to stop a vehicle on the road as this constitutes double parking and is both illegal and potentially dangerous.

Parking in John Street.

Zones without 60 degree parking can be used to pick up and set down, provided the conditions of road signs are not breached.

At all times please keep clear of school driveways and entries, as they are in frequent use and visibility can be affected.

Crossing the road

At the moment there is no dedicated school crossing.  Please approach the pedestrian crossings on the corner of John and Mitchell Street as this is used by our students.  It is recommended practice to hold your child's hand when crossing a road until 8 years of age. Please supervise your child in the roadside environment until they reach 10 years of age. It is also good to practise "Stop, Look, Listen and Think" with your child before crossing the road.

Walking to or from school by themselves, students must use the pedestrian crossing when crossing the road.

Pedestrian Crossing

Bus zones

The bus zone is located in Mitchell Street. This is clearly signposted with times of use. Please ensure that bus zones are kept clear at all times to allow smooth traffic flow.

Bus Zone Sign

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